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We're the Go-To team for conference support. We're always ready to be an extension of your conference production

team to help you deliver an

outstanding event.

We're scouting destinations to bring you new and innovative ways to see places.

With eyes focused on every twist and turn in our destinations, we're bringing to market our own recommendations of how to experience the best of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.





SEA group photo.jpg

Stream Events Asia's leadership team. Photographic setting courtesy The Siam, Bangkok

Stream Events Asia is your local expert for planning and executing group programmes, meetings and events. Our team takes great pride in delivering memorable experiences for our clients and their guests. 


We're a full-service Destination Management Company.  As Thailand’s first boutique DMC, we are Daring. Bold. Creative. Yet Stream Events Asia has a firm foundation of experience in offering high concept, low risk destination management and event planning services.

When the world’s leading brands and elite individuals are seeking an exceptional, bespoke and creative destination management and event planning service in Thailand and beyond, we're ready to meet their high expectations.



Stream Events Asia is a dedicated and passionate DMC that is establishing new frontiers as Thailand’s first boutique DMC. We’re helping our clients – meeting planners, incentive agencies, corporate, hotels and elite individuals - with one-of-a-kind travel and event support. We’re passionate about enriching destination experiences, infused with vibrant local culture and colour.

From the luxurious hotel room and the bedding, to the spotlight and big screen, to the food and fine wine, to the day-to-day activities and pampering with moments of “me time”, it’s your event. All uniquely crafted.

It all starts with a brief. An idea. Tell us what your event goals are. To engage and incentivise staff. To reward a team. To improve brand perception. The more we know, the better we can tailor local event solutions to fit you. We’ll advise on the essentials and suggest some surprises, as we turn your brief into options.


Our roots are in Bangkok but we offer the same level of knowledgeable assistance throughout Thailand and around Asia. We are constantly exploring what’s new and available to corporate groups and, through our strong relationships and vast experience, we’re able to offer significant insight and value to our event-planning clients – as well as the assurance of honesty, integrity and transparency in all we do.

At Stream Events Asia, we are combining traditional DMC services with the digital age. From epic conference production and glamification of gala dinners to moving participants around in imaginative ways for multi-destination programmes, each and every project we work with you on is tailored to your specific needs, meeting your objectives, reflecting your brand and presenting the destination in the most creative and effective way possible.

An introduction to Stream Events Asia, Thailand's first boutique D.M.C. We're ready to support you and your next event in Thailand. Contact us today.

An introduction to Stream Events Asia's leadership team. They're dynamic, daring, bold and creative. Moreover, they have the experience and are friendly and supportive, making the perfect ground partner for your next event in Thailand and beyond.

At Steam Events Asia, our passion to provide the finest destination and event experiences is backed by our commitment to good governance, ethical conduct and social responsibility. 


Our way of doing business is strongly aligned with our drive to create and increase client and community value. We are also committed to maintaining our relationships with our global clients and local communities, gaining their input and feedback on issues of mutual importance.

Steam Events Asia continues to contribute positively to local communities; minimize our environmental footprint; be responsive to our clients’ health and wellness needs; and respect our corporate social responsibility.  CSR is not just an activity or a donation or a press release. It’s the way we do business every day. 



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