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Stream Events Asia, Thailand’s first boutique DMC, proudly presents popular entertainment for all social occasions and corporate events. 


Transforming ordinary events into extraordinary occasions. Liven up your next conference, gala dinner, awards presentation or casual cocktails by incorporating cultural, classical or contemporary entertainment.


From dramatic Thai drummers to soulful jazz band for an upbeat mood, or a cultural dance to caricaturists to capture the spirit of the occasion. Whatever your entertainment requirements, SEA can offer a choice of talented performers who are guaranteed to entertain your guests in style.


We are pleased to put the spotlight on Thailand’s most requested talent to elevate your event.


Hit the right note with your event. From upbeat to background. Choose from instrumental soloists to duos, trios, quartets up to a 51-piece symphony orchestra. We have the musical solutions for background ambiance, cultural scene setting and headline attraction.

Traditional Thai Long-drumming troupe  

Acoustic guitar soloist

Youth Bamboo “Angkaloong” acoustic troupe   Symphony of Glass (Glass Harpist)

Traditional Thai xylophone-style Ranaad band   Contemporary party band

Thai string duo “Khim & Jakae”  

International Party Dance Band                

Blues Band

Victory drums                            

Elvis Impersonator

Jazz Trio, Quartet, Quintet and Jazz Orchestra 

Soul & Funky Band

Latin Salsa Band

Tom Jones impersonator

Classic string quartet                        

Thai Rock band

Thai-Jazz fusion band                        

Rockabilly Band

Pianist keyboard soloist                               

Pop Singers

Opera Singers

Jazz Vocals


Fully choreographed, customised shows and spectacular costumes. Stream Events Asia offers dance and a wide range of Thai cultural, classical and contemporary performances using high impact choreography and eye-catching costumes.


Thai classical duo in elegant costumes

Thai dance troupe performing four dances

Grand dance troupe


Contemporary dance show

Glitzy female impersonators

All That Jazz Cabaret dance troupe


Cheerleader gravity-defying dance

Chinese dragon dance

Hooray for Hollywood dancers
1,000 hands dance

Bollywood inspired dancers



Performing stage or close-up magic. Thailand’s very best illusionists will add magic to your event.


Fortune Tellers

Our authentic and theatrical fortune tellers will foretell bright futures ahead by reading palms, astrological signs, crystal balls or mystic sticks and tarot cards.


Mobile masseuses

Providing a relaxing moment with neck and shoulder massage.



Quick-draw artists who can skilfully capture guests in chalks and crayons. Guests are always amused at the fun larger-than-life caricatures, make great mementos to take home.


Floral Weaving

Thai traditional art of creating hand garlands. Guests will be impressed with the intricate skill and patience needed to weave beautiful hand garlands.


Fruit Carving

Creating works of art out of watermelons needs a trained eye and the precision of a surgeons knife. The resulting fruit carvings are a marvel and talking point.

Paper parasol painting

The artful brush strokes of our artists painting paper umbrellas from Northern Thailand will enchant guests. The small parasols also make nice keepsakes.


Coconut dessert making

It’s entertaining watching a local make the popular traditional Thai dessert, found for sale on many of the city’s streets. A lady dressed in traditional Thai costume makes authentic Thai coconut dessert cooked on a hot griddle.



The age-old handicraft of pottery will enthrall guests as they watch ceramic pieces of art being created from clay on a potters wheel.


Henna Tattoos

Be a rebel for a week. Henna tattoos that are decorative and fade away after a few days. Our skilled henna tattooist will decorate arms or hands with intricate designs.

And much more. Contact us for customised magical moments to elevate your event experience.


Emcees and guest speakers fulfilmany roles at a range of events. Speakers may be setting the scene as a keynote speaker, adding that star quality as a celebrity speaker, providing specialist information and strategies as a conference or business speaker, while an emcees, acting as a Masters of Ceremonies, take on the role of facilitator or lift your team as an inspirational motivator.

Stream Events Asiahas a roster of MCs and locally sourced guest speakers. 

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