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It's all about team work

Being part of an awesome ‘Dream Team’ at Stream Events Asia, not only makes the event more successful, but provides a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

These are some essential guidelines we have at Stream Events Asia for ensuring our team, and a team of any size, is set up to enjoy their work, while executing fantastic events.

Work with the Best!

This step comes first on our list because finding the right partner with the right people can sometimes be a challenge. It will make or break the success of your events and your company. That’s why at Stream Events Asia we have a team who shares a vision and common goal, and who can come together and elevate the work you are striving to accomplish.

Truly successful events rely on a competent and cohesive in-destination partner, with staff who have focus and experience and can quickly understand and anticipate your needs. Our dream team collaborates well and has fun on the job! We are committed to creating a positive staff culture that will bode well for you and your event.

Communication is Key to Success

Poor communication can quickly ruin an event. If you and your team aren’t on the same page about deliverables and certain aspects of the day, chaos is sure to ensue. At Steam Events Asia, we like to start and finish each event day with a quick staff meeting, and ideally a client meeting, to refresh everyone’s memory on the event and each person’s specific responsibilities. This helps everyone to see the big picture and ensure everything is covered.

Undoubtedly, client’s plans will shift and change throughout the day, so we take the time to communicate relevant changes to our team.

Using tools like walkie-talkies can aid in communication when working at very large venues or complex layouts. Having a quick line of communication to our entire team is very valuable. Often times our cell phones can suffice and we’re always switched on to take a call.

Thank You for Your Support

Having a wonderful event team here at Stream Events Asia, we make certain to let our team members know how much we appreciate their hard work. A simple thank you or time spent highlighting the tasks they've accomplished can go a long way in making the team feel valued and appreciated.

We approach events, as we do with life, with a positive outlook. Nothing is worse than putting in a gruelling long day at an event, only to be greeted at the end of the day by negativity. Constructive feedback on what could be done differently is always something our team likes to discuss, but we have to make sure to approach feedback in a fairly positive way to maintain motivation.

Sometimes things go wrong. As good event managers we discuss them, and then move on in a positive way towards the future success.

Collaborate on New Ideas

Teamwork can be really fun in destination and event management, especially when you get to dream big and come up with exciting ideas. We often take time to brainstorm to come up with new experiences, and ensure everyone in our team is ready to embrace any and all ideas.

Sometimes a crazy, off the wall thought can develop into something very exciting and innovative. Incentive and conference attendees like seeing new and fresh ideas. So, we encourage our team at Stream Events Asia to think outside the box to make your events shine!

As Thailand’s first boutique DMC, we may think our ideas reign supreme, but seeing the event through a new set of eyes can often times make the initial concept even more successful. That’s why we often hire young or novice event planners to support us, as they may not have years of experience under their belt, but they can see the event from a perspective that might be closer to that of an attendee.

Sharing Success

Successful events always have a great leader running the show and calling the shots, but the team behind them is what elevates the leader towards success. It’s our job at Stream Events Asia to work hard behind the scenes to make sure your VIPs shine. When you or your company receive accolades for a job well done, we’re also thrilled to have played a role in these accomplishments.

We believe in the small things like a handwritten note to the hotel or venue to congratulate them a successful event and how much Stream Events Asia’s team appreciates the teamwork they have demonstrated during the event.

Work with Us!

People enjoy working with fun, collaborative and hard-working teams. At Stream Events Asia we strive to do our best at building a quality culture for our staff that evolves around communication, feedback and praise. That in turn translates to excellent service for our clients.

We are blessed that at Steam Events Asia, our team operates as a cohesive unit, and as an integral extension to your team here on the ground. Let us be a part of your team with your next event in Thailand and beyond.

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