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Value in using a DMC

A Destination Management Company (DMC) has some of the most powerful and valuable tools at meeting planners' disposal when crafting a successful event.

As a professional services company, your DMC partner possess extensive local knowledge and resources to assist with customised event planning, entertainment, transportation, accommodation, dining and teambuilding, and lots more.

A DMC brings value and expertise when planning an event in Thailand and around Asia.

1. What does a DMC do? A destination management company (DMC) provides on-the-ground, local professionals to assist with event planning, using a variety of services and resources with local expertise and "know how."

A DMC says “Yes!” to most requests. Once client’s needs are established and group demographics and goals, objectives and expectations are clearly defined, Stream Events Asia, Thailand's first boutique DMC, will create a comprehensive plan of service for our client. As soon as everything is approved, our client can focus on their business and enjoy Thailand as intended.

Clients benefit from a DMC’s knowledge of local products, service quality and reliability. A DMC will take care of all ground services –transfers, accommodation, restaurants, venues, logistics and activities.

A DMC can provide access to once in a lifetime experiences which aren’t generally available to the public and because they have great buying power, they can obtain excellent rates to stretch their client’s budget further.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a DMC in Thailand, and especially Stream Events Asia:

• A multilingual team at your disposal with a lot of experience and relationships • One contact and payment to keep all the details in line and simple for you. • Knowledge of the finest local venues, caterers, décor, transportation and other event services. • Working with leaders who share a passion for showcasing the best of Thailand. • The best rates because of a great buying power. • On-going relationships with vendors to obtain the best quality, service and negotiations. • Creative ideas for special events, teambuilding and those challenging situations. • Access to and experience with the new, exclusive and unique venues and restaurants. • 24/7 services for emergency matters. • Additional insurance cover should the unexpected happen.

2. How does a DMC work? The event planner's DMC partner is their expert in Thailand. When meetings and events come to a destination like Thailand, options for transportation, off-site venues, dinners and teambuilding can be many, complex and confusing. Yet having a DMC partner, which has the local relationships - knows the suppliers that offer higher levels of service and are capable of handling your type of client and group coming to town – can make all the difference to your event outcome.

Instead of the client reaching out to individual Thai suppliers, they need just place one call to the DMC and all suppliers will be handled for the client, knowing which ones work best for each specific group. Once the group is onsite, the DMC will have team members working directly with the group, assuring them they are receiving the highest level of service. When it comes to billing, the client receives one invoice instead of a multitude of supplier invoices from each aspect of the programme.

3. Why use a DMC? Using a DMC truly is a consultative one-stop-shop approach to programme design and development, delivery and customisation to meet any client specific requirement. The DMC brings value and help clients save money by reducing time wasted on scouting for resources tapping into longstanding relationships while leveraging on long-term buying power.

Stream Events Asia works in partnership with clients to create lasting experiences, to maximize returns on objectives and to guarantee peace of mind using their destination reach, local expertise and solutions-oriented approach.

At Stream Events Asia, we consider ourselves ambassadors of not only the destinations that we love and call home, but the industry.

4. How does a client find a reputable DMC? One size doesn't always fit all when it comes to a DMC partner. You should look for the right size company, the largest company may not have the proper time to spend on your event because they have so many others and the smallest company might not have the appropriate staff or experience to produce it. Consider PIGS as we have the scale to deliver large events that personalised service to provide TLC (tender loving care) to the smallest VIP events.

5. What are some of the most popular services DMCs offer to clients? Sourcing special off-site venues, recommending hotels and providing insight into the latest status of the hotel (renovations, service levels and what’s happening in the neighbourhood around the hotel).

Stream Events Asia is expert at creating themed events, unique local dinners, transportation services (including arrival and departure services). And team building activities continue to be the most popular.

Alas, with hotels’ online booking portals and social sites such as Tripadvisor becoming a go to resource, an increasing number of meeting planners are trying a do-it-yourself approach and booking hotels directly. This leaves the DMC as an underrated resource. DMCs are actually well positioned to recommend and contract hotels and venues. They are able to provide impartial advice, up to date information on properties and are best located to negotiate the most favourable deals for their clients.

Tours and activities that are "uniquely Thai" are often the number one request given to a DMC. Clients want something that could not be experienced in any other part the world or experienced as a normal visitor coming to the destination.

DMCs are expert in arranging transportation and staffing for events. Transfers and hospitality desk management appears on almost every request. Clients count on DMCs to have outstanding transportation knowledge, appropriate vehicles for every group size, and staff that are "interesting, awesome, communicate clearly, friendly and that display the best of Thai hospitality."

Over the past couple of decades, meeting professionals have come to rely on DMCs as their local partner, and an extension to their team, to get them through some challenging projects.

Many times, the international, and local, meeting manager does not have the luxury of time to research all the answers for various projects and components. A good DMC professional knows they ins and outs of their specific destination(s) in Thailand. They have locale-specific and event experts in place. DMCs research what new locations are available, what the cost of various sites are, whom they contact, and how to make everything work.

Stream Events Asia's team members are continually educated on all aspects of travel and event management in Thailand. For a large event, it is not unusual to draw on a pool of 20 or more contractors. A DMC will package all the resources and suppliers into a one-stop solution.

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