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Rewind two years ago and we were insisting everyone switch-off their mobile phones during conference sessions. Today, we’re doing the opposite, actively promoting the use of smart phones at events, to better engage the audience. Technology is increasingly being interwoven into meetings and is leading the pack when it comes to audience polling.

The Slido app allows planners to crowdsource the best questions from an audience. Giving participants the opportunity to ask questions and vote from their smart phone or tablet, real time, from their delegate seat. Live polls enliven conference sessions and engage the audience. With the beauty of real time audience sentiment being presented on-screen.

Once the participants are logged on, which takes a few quick and easy steps, you can involve them in the conversation. Participants on-site attending the event and those online, who are not able to physically be there on the day, can be integrated into the event. Now everyone gets to have their say.

In addition to audience engagement, organisers gain valuable insights with event analytics. Review which topics resonated the most with the audience. How your audience responded to the keynote address. There are endless possibilities to weave audience interaction via Slido into your next meeting.

At Stream Events Asia, Thailand's first boutique DMC, we have been working with to enhance the meeting experience for our clients and their audiences. Slido has proved to be an invaluable tool in engaging an audience and measuring their sentiment. From the main stage, we can throw out questions and polls, replacing traditional roving microphones, creating relevant Q&A sessions.

Moreover, Slido is an easy tool to use, making it a hit with our conference support team.

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