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What walk-on music would you choose to introduce Donald Trump?

We’ve all seen presenters walk on stage serenaded by Tina Turner’s Simply The Best. And keynoters take to stage in silence. There’s no denying that adding music to introduce a presenter adds oomph to the proceedings and helps set the mood and tone for the presentation.

When it’s done right, music is the secret ingredient for a killer conference. Short fanfares signal to everyone that something special is about to happen. And it relaxes the audience and opens their minds.

Music can also fill gaps in conference production, signal the start or end of a session and put the audience into a mood of anticipation, anxiety or empathy. Music has the power to move minds.

The time to hit ‘PLAY’ is when participants are walking into the room. The right track selection will elevate the mood. It's always a smart choice to select tracks that are universally loved, upbeat and positive.

The other two times for playing music are (1) A short burst of walk-on music to introduce the speaker and (2) Longer pieces when audiences are walking out at the end of a session - the walk-out tracks.

However, don’t overplay the role of music. I’ve seen a couple of conferences where music was overplayed and became more attuned to a pop concert than a corporate update.

Music needs to be carefully curated and appropriate to the occasion and the presenter. The audio track should fit the topic, the person, their personality and the organisation or cause they are representing. And the presenter informed and in agreement with the walk-on music that's going to played to introduce them. We don't want the person in the spotlight startled or distracted by a musical intro.

Now here’s my question. What walk-on music would you choose to introduce these three personalities:

Donald Trump

Mother Teresa

Albert Einstein

If you need musical advice or conference management support, please contact us. #SreamEventsAsia

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